Home to Home Exchange
Home to Home Exchange
The Company
John Parker has been in the property market since 1981 and has been running property part exchange companies since 1996 with a particular focus on the retirement sector. Ian Kingston also shares such property expertise, and having started as an estate agent in 1982 he soon worked his way up to Regional Director level.

Home to Home Exchange was set up with the objective to match or exceed other part exchange companies in all key areas such as levels of customer care and openness, communications, flexibility, availability, cost control and very importantly the price paid for property.

Home to Home Exchange Limited is a member of both the National Association of Property Buyers (www.napb.co.uk) and the Property Ombudsman Scheme (www.tpos.co.uk).

How it Works

You deposit your investment with Home to Home Exchange solicitors to be held until a property purchase completion takes place. You will receive any deposit interest received. You will be notified about the property to be purchased and advised as to what proportion of the purchase price your investment represents.

Home to Home will attempt to achieve the best price taking into account local prevailing market conditions. When the property is sold an account will be produced with all costs shown and a resultant profit allocation.

The Process

The builder or other introducing client refers details to Home to Home of the property owner. Dependent on which service is being used, typically Home to Home will arrange to have the property valued and surveyed.

The valuers and surveyors report back to Home to Home who will scrutinise the information provided as well as making their own checks. An offer will then be sent to the builder. If the offer is accepted, you will receive a property information form outlining all the relevant information about the property and its saleability.

Solicitors will be instructed to carry out the conveyancing in order to purchase the property and simultaneously the property will be placed on the market with a local estate agent in order to sell at the best possible price in the shortest period of time.

Risks and Rewards

Before making an investment please carefully consider the following points. It is also recommended that you take advice from a financial adviser or solicitor.

  Your investment will be on an individual property and your share will be exactly proportional to the amount you have invested compared to other investors.

  You will not own a share in the company.

  Individual property sale performance will vary and it is possible that a loss might occur in which case you will be liable for your proportion of any such loss.

  The market is subject to variations and cannot be totally anticipated. Interest rates change and local factors can influence as well.

  Each property purchase will be researched extensively to help ensure a satisfactory profit margin can be achieved.

  A market leading approach will be taken with regard to each property sale to ensure the best price is achieved in a reasonable time frame.

  The presentation of every property will be assessed to ensure marketability and saleability. Redecoration and improvements will be carried out only if cost effective.

  You will have security over any property in which you have invested.

Terms and Conditions
  Any sum can be invested into the company in multiples of 10,000. Funds will only be used exclusively to purchase property. Funds will be held to order by the solicitors.

  All profits will be rebated within seven days of the property sale completion.
In the event of a shortfall relating to a property sale, you will be required to make up the difference within seven days of the property sale.

  Any adjustments due to late invoicing or credits following sale completion will be notified to you within seven days of receipt and resolved within a further seven days.

  Funds held by the solicitor can be withdrawn with a written notice period of one month.

  Any funds utilised for a property purchase will normally only be withdrawn once the property has been sold.

  Home to Home Exchange will be responsible for all decisions relating to property purchase, marketing and sale.

  The terms offered by Home to Home Exchange will remain unchanged once a purchase has been completed. If market conditions alter and a variation in the percentage of profit allocated to investors becomes necessary (either up or down) you will be notified and given the opportunity to withdraw any uninvested sums.