Home to Home Exchange
Home to Home Exchange
Client Introducers
Home to Home is the company to help retired home movers make the move from their old home into their new one. We aim to provide market leading services designed to make your sales easier and smoother. Additionally we want to make your buyer's move memorable and for all the right reasons.

Home to Home will buy the old home quickly in order to enable your new sale to go ahead and with as little hassle and stress as possible. There are a number of schemes available and Home to Home can advise as to which scheme is most suitable on a case by case basis. Please see Services page, which explains each scheme in detail.

.    The Platinum Service
.    The Fast Track Service
.    The Rejuvenator Service
.    The Guarantee Option Service
Each of the schemes are designed to be simple and straightforward and if for any reason circumstances dictate, we can amend the service individually to suit you.

At Home to Home we aim to give the best available price and to be there throughout the process, seven days a week to be able to deal with any questions or issues that arise.

Executive Summary

'Property part exchange excellence'

  Market leading range of services.

  Quickest purchases possible via our Fast Track Service.

  Innovative "Rejuvenator Service" for tired or unmodernised homes.

  Reduced overheads means improved level of offers.

  Most property types considered in any condition or location.

  "Problem" properties purchased.

  Total transparency and openness.

  Unrivalled levels of experience and understanding.

  No bank funding and no delays.

  Members of the National Association of Property Buyers and the Property Ombudsman Scheme.

How much will Home to Home pay for property?

Home to Home will always endeavour to pay the best price possible dependent on market conditions at the time. Please bear in mind that the company needs to pay all of the costs involved with buying, holding and selling. Furthermore we need to make profit as well. In return there are a number of benefits which are noted below.

What properties will Home to Home purchase?

Home to Home will consider any property in any location and in any condition. Properties in very poor condition or with structural or title defects can be purchased.

Benefits to your buyer?

  No chains to collapse at the last minute.

  Less stress.

  No estate agent fees.

  Licence to remain in occupation.

  Possible "profit share".

  Legal fees and removal costs can be included if required.

  Available 24/7.

Benefits to you?
  Definite reservation of your sale.

  Fastest purchases possible via our Fast Track Service.

  Reduced overheads allowing for enhanced offers to your buyers.   Rapid decisions with no bank funding required.

  All property types in any condition.

  Available 24/7.

  You deal with the decision maker at all times.

  Team meetings attended.

  Site visits at point of property visit.

  Training provided.

  Support provided for any inexperienced staff.